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Fly Chai 2018 Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser
Prize $1,800
August 17, 2018
Registration Now Closed
Our first annual Fly Chai fundraiser will help develop the camp property by adding WOW features to the campus. We will also use proceeds of the revenue to help support our Campership fund. This fund allows us to support children who cannot afford camp but need that life breathed into them. In 2018 we are supporting our community by giving out over $20,000 in fee assistance.

Person whose golf ball lands in the PGA golf (4 1/4 inch wide) hole located in the drop zone will be declared the winner. If more than one ball lands in the hole, the prize money will be split among all of the winners. If no ball lands in the hole, then the ball closest to the hole will win. If there is more than one ball at the same distance, the prize money will be split among the winners.

Rules and Information
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Chai Golf Ball:
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A special Thank You to Mercy Flight Services who have volunteered to drop the golf balls.

Thank you for your support of Camp Centerland and best of luck!

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